My work consists of accompanying people and relationships to find the wisdom and inner resources that, as human beings, we have within ourselves.

Life presents us with all kinds of situations and sometimes we go through moments that we find difficult to face on our own: a situation in which we feel trapped, a recurring dream that seems to haunt us, a conflict with someone close to us that we no longer know how to deal with or a state of mind from which we are unable to escape. These are moments when external support and accompaniment can be useful to find the necessary resources to transform the discomfort. If you are in any of these situations or simply need to take some time to deepen some aspect of your life, I invite you to contact me.

The first session is free and will help us to clarify the objectives of your process and resolve any doubts you may have. You can book an appointment through the following link or contact me via email.

  • Individual sessions have a duration of 55 minutes and cost 50€. They can be online (Zoom) or in person (Villa de Vallecas, Madrid).
  • Relational sessions have a duration of 85 minutes and cost 75 €. They can be online (Zoom) or in person (Villa de Vallecas, Madrid).

* As far as I am able, I also accompany people and relationships with financial difficulties. If this is your case, I encourage you to contact me so we can talk.

I use the Process Work framework, an awareness-based methodology that sees the potential value of all experience without judgment. A vision that emphasizes self-discovery and reveals how, when we follow the flow of experience as it emerges, we find new perspective and direction. Thanks to Process Work, we discover that working with the most disturbing and marginalized often brings surprising solutions and new insights. Suddenly, what seemed most oppressive, frightening or problematic becomes a useful and creative force.

As a Process Worker, I value the distinct experience of each individual, couple or relationship and bring curiosity, warmth and mental sharpness to my work.