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My role as a facilitator is to help groups develop their full potential.

Every group and organization performs a series of basic functions in order to operate: holding effective meetings and making decisions, finding creative responses to the challenges they face, preventing and transforming conflict, and maintaining an appropriate level of group cohesion to keep the system healthy. All of them, to a greater or lesser extent, know how to do this. However, on some occasions, these processes are not sufficiently fine-tuned and generate problems that can jeopardize the functioning of the group.

  • Long and unproductive meetings that generate lack of motivation.
  • Agreements that ultimately turn out to be unrealistic and unshared.
  • Deteriorated relationships as a result of unresolved conflicts.
  • Lack of clarity in the roles, functions and commitments of its members.

As a facilitator, I put my knowledge and skills to the service of the groups I work with, helping them achieve their objectives while taking care of the people who make them.

Group facilitation can be applied through different actions.

Meetings facilitation.

Taking into consideration the group’s needs and expectations, I can be in charge of preparing the agenda and methodologies necessary to achieve the objectives set, while also facilitating the sessions agreed upon.


Through a range of actions, including diagnosis, facilitation, training sessions, consulting, and follow-up, I support the group’s transformation process in the medium and long term.


Based on the group’s identified needs and problems, I conduct an inquiry process to gain a clearer picture of the group system and elaborate specific strategies for action and intervention.

Deliberative Democracy

Facilitation services for Deliberative Democracy processes, like the Conference for the Future of Europe, Spanish Citizens’ Climate Assembly, and Global Assembly; and advocating for Deliberative Democracy as a member of the Delib network.

Citizen participation.

I design, organize and facilitate citizen participation processes promoted by public administrations such as This is not a palace, Madrid City Council, Cohabita Rivas, Rivas-Vaciamadrid City Council and Paisajes posibles para la Tabacalera, Ministerio de Cultura.

How do I work?

As an IIFACe accredited group facilitator I follow the organization’s ethical code as a tool to guarantee my professionalism. I work closely with groups and organizations to understand their expectations, so that I can provide an appropriate service and help them achieve the desired results. I put aside my views and respect the identity and autonomy of the group. I use a wide range of techniques and methodologies, selecting those most appropriate to the culture and needs of each group, respecting the confidentiality of all information and openly acknowledging any potential conflict of interest before taking on any assignment.

How can facilitation help you?

  • Saving time and energy in group processes.
  • Making meetings more effective, creative and satisfying.
  • Preventing future conflicts and transforming existing ones.
  • Enhancing the internal cohesion of the group.
  • Helping the group to be more aware of its power dynamics and informal structures.
  • Supporting the elaboration of medium and long term strategic plans.
  • Designing processes of inquiry on specific issues.
  • Reshaping organizational structures and cultures.
  • Encouraging the participation and commitment of the people involved.
  • Accompanying the group to update and reconnect with its purpose and vision.