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My goal is to support individuals and relationships in uncovering the wisdom and inner resources that we each possess as human beings.

Life presents us with all kinds of situations, and sometimes we go through moments that we find difficult to face on our own: circumstances in which we feel trapped, a recurring dream that seems to haunt us, a relationship we no longer know how to deal with or a mood from which we feel unable to escape. These are moments when external support and accompaniment can be useful in finding the necessary resources to transform discomfort. If you find yourself in any of these situations or need some time to explore a particular area of your life, feel free to reach out to me.

The first session is free and will help us clarify the objectives of your process and resolve any doubts you may have. You can book an appointment through the following link or contact me via email.

Both individual and relational sessions can be conducted online (Zoom) and in person (Madrid).

  • Individual sessions last 50 minutes and cost 50€.
  • Relational sessions last 80 minutes and cost 75 €.

* As far as I am able, I also accompany people and relationships with financial difficulties. If this is your case, I encourage you to contact me so we can talk.

My approach is Process Work, an awareness-based methodology that recognizes the potential value of all experiences without judgment. A framework that emphasizes self-awareness and helps us follow the flow of experience as it arises to discover new perspectives and direction. Process Work helps to relate to disturbing experiences in a way that brings surprising solutions and new insights.

As a process worker, I value the unique experiences of each individual and relationship and bring curiosity, warmth, and mental sharpness to my work.