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I am passionate about sharing with others the learnings that I integrate through my work with groups, organizations and individuals.

Group facilitation and collaborative methodologies

Through open sessions on specific topics, coordinating trainings and designing customized workshops for groups and organizations, I share and socialize all the knowledge I have gained from group facilitation with the dream that this knowledge will contribute to create a stronger collective ecosystem with greater capacity for impact and transformation.

Coordinator and trainer of the workshop organized by Nociones Comunes: “Assemblies and meetings, conflict management, power and inequalities in our collectives“. Here you can listen to the audio sessions.

Community life and co-housing projects

Based on the tools of Group Facilitation and Process Work, together with my own experience in intentional communities and co-housing projects, I hold workshops and trainings on demand to help groups and collectives to have more tools for the management of shared life.

Training for Entrepatios S. Coop. Madrid. Coordination and training of a 4-session workshop to work on the social pillars of coexistence in this co-housing project.

Masculinity with gender perspective

An essential element for the construction of a more fair and violence-free world is to transform the way in which men relate to each other and to other identities, becoming aware of how patriarchal socialization conditions our behavior and working to integrate other paradigms to become change agents.

Since 2019 I lead, with Daniele Cibati, Centrifugados, facilitation and training for male change, with which we carry out trainings and interventions using the tools of group facilitation, Process Work and Social Theater.

Are you interested?

I am passionate about sharing learning and helping to spread and expand other ways of working with groups and communities. If you want to pitch me a proposal, keep in mind that I love to take on new challenges!